Whole School Approach Day 2024

This event is open to participation to Otago Secondary Schools.  This is a Professional Development Day packed full of useful, evidence-based information, resources, speakers and sector expertise to inform schools work with students in education and wellbeing. 

Speakers from across the education, health, wellbeing and alcohol and other drugs sectors come together for workshopping and idea sharing. This is also a unique opportunity to hear from schools about how they have applied Tūturu in their communities.  

The Whole School Approach Day theme for 2024 is, “Supporting Students: A Wellbeing Lens”.

To register click:  https://forms.office.com/r/eJV55zTqxN

 For any enquiries on Whole School Approach Day please email Nic Dorward:   ndorward@mirrorservices.org.nz  


The Tūturu team at Mirror HQ is working with schools in Otago to deliver a whole school approach to wellbeing.

What is it?

Tūturu is a systems change project which helps New Zealand schools take meaningful action to improve the wellbeing of their students. With Tūturu, your school will establish an ecosystem of support for student wellbeing – developing taiohi agency, critical thinking skills, decision-making confidence; and offering proactive support to young people who need it. Tūturu’s first area of focus is alcohol and other drugs. 

Why is it needed?

Currently, there is massive variation in how well New Zealand schools prepare their students for a healthy and successful life in a modern world. Alcohol and drugs are part of the world we live in. All young people will need to make decisions about them. We can help our taiohi to do this by building their knowledge, values, and competencies such as critical thinking.

 Schools that join Tūturu have access to:

  • Professional learning & development for  school staff & Boards of trustees
  • Specialist training for Pastoral staff
  • Support to identify areas of development
  • Access to resources including curriculum resources
  • Flexible & responsive project work
  • The latest wellbeing information & resources
  • Ongoing support

“It has given us the opportunity to have conversations about AoD in education settings and as a result has given us the ability to create change in a challenging area.

It has affirmed our philosophical base and helped build and increase our focus on protective factors and positive mindsets.”

- Comment from school leaders in the NZCER Final Evaluative Report 2020

For more information

Email the Tūturu team at hq@mirrorservices.org.nz

Give us a call on 03 479 2970

Visit the Tūturu website