FASD Pathway

Mirror Counselling Service, FASD Pathway provides support and screening for children and young people impacted by maternal alcohol use. We can provide information, advice & support to parents and caregivers as well as providing targeted child led interventions in a warm, friendly, safe and whānau inclusive environment.

FASD is a spectrum and therefore everyone will be affected differently and have varied presentations. It often appears alongside other issues and can easily be overlooked or misdiagnosed. Due to the variables in the presentation the FASD pathway is tailored to meet the need of the whānau. Areas of support could include;

  • Screening and pathway for assessment.
  • Implementing plans and providing interventions.
  • Individual and/or whānau interventions.
  • A range of therapeutic modalities.
  • Collaborative work alongside other support networks.
  • Referral and support to access other services when necessary.
  • Education and training for other community groups and agencies.
  • Child centered, whānau friendly, solution focused.


If you interested in accessing our FASD Pathway or require a discussion about support, please contact us.